Ving Tsun (pronounced wing chun) Kung Fu was named after a Buddhist nun centuries ago, since made famous by Bruce Lee, and most recently by the string of Ip Man movies.  The traditional Ving Tsun system instills highly effective real world self-defense, regardless of one’s size or strength. Ving Tsun training is based on Relaxation, Centerline, and Efficiency; and can provide beneficial outcomes well beyond self-defense.

Practitioners from the Moy Tung branch of the Moy Yat family train and teach the precise and original methods of the pure Ving Tsun system that have been passed down through the generations.

As of September 2013, we are excited to open the first Ip Man (Moy Yat, and Bruce Lee’s teacher) direct lineage Kung Fu school, in the Boston area.  Classes are open to the public, with ongoing enrollment for women and men of all ages and abilities.

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